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Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning’s vision is to see all young people live lives of their own design. They partner with schools and communities to co-build sustainable …

Magnet Schools of America: What are Magnet Schools?

The single largest form of public school “choice,” magnet schools are visionary, innovative and open to all students regardless of zip code. With thousands of …

Center for Education Reform’s Essential Education Database

All the resources you need for remote, digital and micro-schooling – all in one place!

Children’s Health Council

CHC specializes in working with families living with ADHD, Learning Differences, Anxiety & Depression and Autism through their two schools, mental health clinic, community education …

Find a School

As the micro school movement evolves, there are hundreds and thousands of microschools around the world. You can find more information about these schools here.


Parents who switched to alternative schools amid pandemic are sticking

Parents have largely opted to continue alternative education options as public school enrollment has fallen

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Teachers increasingly turning to digital, self-created materials for lessons

Only 23% of teachers said they exclusively use printed textbooks in their classrooms, according to a survey by Bay View Analytics.

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New Microschools Are More Accessible Than Ever

Microschools like Micah Studios make schooling alternatives possible for families that want them, while school choice programs, like New Hampshire’s tax-credit scholarship program and education savings account (ESA) program, known as Education Freedom Accounts, make them more accessible for low-income families.

Why parents who moved kids to alternative schools amid pandemic are keeping them there

Distance. Cost. Curriculum. Educators. These factors and countless others are what drive American parents to choose one type of schooling for their kids over another. And once the pandemic shattered the steady rhythm of in-person learning, even more parents found themselves wanting an option outside of the public education system. Public school enrollment dipped nearly 3% …

Parents turn to ‘micro schooling’ over home school

As millions of students go back to school this fall, some are choosing not to return to the traditional classroom. Instead, parents are enrolling their children in “microschools.” It’s similar to homeschooling, just with a small group of students. The National Microschooling Center points to research that estimates between one and two million …

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