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micro schools getting smart educational innovation

Ten Innovative Educational Programs Awarded Grants to Transform Learning

Micro schools, rooted in a tradition of cooperative and small-scale learning, are envisioned to become diverse, sustainable, and impactful alternatives within the educational landscape. To ...

How to teach media literacy to children

Kids and teens are growing up in a media maelstrom. “We’re handing kids these devices and they can reach anyone at any time, and anyone ...

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning’s vision is to see all young people live lives of their own design. They partner with schools and communities to co-build sustainable ...

Magnet Schools of America: What are Magnet Schools?

The single largest form of public school “choice,” magnet schools are visionary, innovative and open to all students regardless of zip code. With thousands of ...

Center for Education Reform’s Essential Education Database

All the resources you need for remote, digital and micro-schooling – all in one place!

Children’s Health Council

CHC specializes in working with families living with ADHD, Learning Differences, Anxiety & Depression and Autism through their two schools, mental health clinic, community education ...

Find a School

As the micro school movement evolves, there are hundreds and thousands of microschools around the world. You can find more information about these schools here.


schools in malls

When Science Class Is in a Former Macy’s

Charter schools are popping up in struggling malls as landlords look for alternative tenants and communities seek to increase educational opportunities.

Unfulfilled Promise The Forty-Year Shift from Print to Digital and Why It Failed to Transform Learning

The shift from print to digital is the most significant change in how human beings learn since the printing press. It marked a shift from information scarcity to abundance, a shift from searching to sorting. It changed what, how, and where people learn, and not always for the better. Social ...

Why Doesn’t Every Office Building Have A Microschool?

More businesspeople… as well as employers, are recognizing the value of small, personalized schools and similar learning spaces and are exploring ways to bring microschools into their office buildings.
microschool diversity funding

Next Wave of Microschool Founders are More Diverse, Less Likely to be Educators

The face of microschooling is changing — from the racial diversity and professional background of its founders to how these small, nontraditional learning centers finance their operations. An analysis of the burgeoning sector shows greater numbers of Black and Hispanic founders, fewer teachers at the helm and less reliance on ...
School Fit Sycamore School Arlington Virginia

School Fit: A Teacher’s Reflection

Can a school really make a dramatic difference to a student? This teacher from The Sycamore School certainly feels that it does in experience and reflections on school fit.

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