The body of research continues to grow on micro schools and models that are disrupting conventional approaches to schooling.

‘’Microschools are one of the most interesting developments I’ve seen in more than a decade of studying innovation in K–12 education. I’m eager to see their impact on the broader K–12 landscape.’’

Thomas Arnett

Female teacher showing globe to children

In the USA,

0 %
of K-12 students in US attend private schools
0 %
attend charter schools
5 - 0 %
are homeschooled*

Based on work done by the Johns Hopkins School of Education, *micro schools are considered ‘homeschools’ due to the lack of a shared definition amongst the varying types of schools. The Homeschool Hub is a one-stop shop for current information on homeschooling data, regulations, and research across the United States. All fifty states — all in one place.

Research on Micro Schools & Education

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