1. Dream AcadeME Inc.

    • Alternative
    • Culver City, CA, US
    • Preschool, K 12 Grades
    1 Schools in CA

    Through the lens of cross-curriculum, children will research and investigate their interests. We partner with families and local organizations to develop community-minded, environmentally conscious, and empowered youth through constructivism, STEAM, and nature-based education. Each child's unique talents and interests will be explored through hands-on learning experiences and discourse. Every day students will connect their minds and bodies with focus and enthusiasm through project-based activities. Student will engage in sports and movement that are integrated with academics beyond STEAM, including literacy, social studies, music, and theatrical arts. Equally important is the development of each child’s communication and collaborative skills to scaffold social-emotional competence. Homeschooling is offered early September through mid-June. Small groups of students come together in a family home to learn various subjects. Homeschool sessions are a minimum of three hours long. Homeschool classes can be organized as little as once a week for three hours, or as much as five days a week for up to seven hours a day. Arrangements will be made with the families for best location. One family can continuously host, or families may take turns hosting. Libraries, parks, and museums are often homeschool learning sites as well, making the city our classroom. Tutoring classes are offered from September through mid-June each school year, with summer tutoring available for families interested in extending.

    • 30 Students
    • 5:1  Student-Teacher Ratio
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