Resources for Teaching & Learning

The following links and resources provide resources for teaching and learning.

Quantum Camps

Lab courses for Microschools and Homeschools

Number Lab

PD for Microschools, learning resources

Getting Smart

Toolkits for educators

Education Evolving

PD, Advocacy, Policy

Teacher-powered Schools

PD for teachers and coaching by Education Evolving

The Black Apple

Pro-Black curriculum, global perspective

Cultural Roots Co-op

Pro-Black learning resources

Kind Academy

Learning kit, digital curriculum

Black Parents Forum

Admissions, success in academic environments


Community of resources for innovations


Literacy platform

Core Knowledge

Curriculum for K-8


Math platform for teachers & students


Online classes for varying interests and aptitudes

Teachers Pay Teachers

Library of payable resources created by and for teachers


Free and paid downloadable resources for teachers

Power My Learning

Learning for parents, teacher, administrators for grades K-2

Global Nomads Group

Online courses, events, experiences for global youth

nXu Education

Courses for students, support for schools on SEL

Big Thought

Programs for experiential and enrichment

Smarte Micro Schools

Self-paced interactive modules for students

Alliance for Self Directed Education

Resource hub for all things self directed educationally related

Global Brigade

Projects to connect high school students addressing real-life challenges in healthcare, water supplies and economic development in a variety of countries across the world

Meridian Learning

Meridian Learning is a resource and advocacy organization for grassroots microschools and inspired teacherpreneurs across the education spectrum

Rock by Rock

K-5 platform of fully planned projects combining online learning with hands-on activities

Treasure Hunt Reading

This free reading tool is for learners who are just beginning their learning-to-read journey, stuck or stalled learners, or learners who are looking to deepen their proficiency.

Rebel Educator Podcast

Discussions about how to shift the classroom, the learning environment, the mindset, and the pedagogy, to resist tradition, reignite wonder, and re-imagine the future of education.

KindlED Podcast

This podcast explores how we can create learning environments and adult-child relationships that foster strong mental health, academic excellence, and intrinsic motivation.

Dreamtime Learning

Diverse support for innovating and making your dream school relevant for today and the future.


KidsMBA is a groundbreaking programme that develops real-world business and entrepreneurial skills in children from the age of eleven. It is designed to be delivered by schools and it is based around the topics of an adult MBA.

Global Citizen Year

Non-profit, educational gap year for school-leavers and college students (17-21 years old) called Take Action Lab. This is an immersive learning program where students learn how to create a meaningful impact on human rights issues during a semester in South Africa.

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