Tuition Discounting & Scholarships

Some small schools will choose to use resources like ISM Fast to determine parents ability to pay whereas others will use a sliding scale based on income only with discounts for siblings. Below are a few tables as an example:

Based on annual tuition of 20k

Family’s combined income Discount % Discount $ Tuition Due
Under 50k 55 11,000 9,000
50k-82k 35 7,000 13,000
82k-123k 20 4,000 16,000
123k-159k 12 2,400 17,600
159-199k 5 1,000 19,000
Over 200k 0 0 20,000

Sibling discounts


# of Kids Enrolled Discount on annual fees
1 0%
2 5%
3 35%
4+ 50%

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