What is the Micro Schools Network?

Micro Schools Network is a place for families to find micro schools for their children and a place for member schools to find resources and stay up to date on the latest in innovative education.

Operating a small school is hard. Now imagine that you have a huge network of experienced educators and administrators with knowledge that you can draw upon. Micro Schools Network is working to create a community of small schools that share resources. By joining Micro Schools Network, you’ll have access to a community of like-minded educators who are disrupting the current models of education to try to transform the system now and for the future.


Micro Schools Network aims to create an online community for both educators and parents. We aim to provide parents with a space where they can find micro schools for their children. We also want to create a place where educators can access information that’s essential to launching and sustaining micro schools, as well as provide micro schools with the necessary tools to innovate.

Our Newest Members

Learn more about micro schools and what they have to offer by checking out a few of our newest member schools below.

MYSA School

Mysa School is a K-12 micro school located in Washington, DC. Mysa’s curriculum is a hybrid model that combines two distinct, complementary, methods of education. The first method is a hands-on, project-based interdisciplinary and cooperative system where students engage in group work and solve real world problems. The second method utilizes individually customized academic learning platforms where each student’s classes and lessons are drawn from an extensive menu of online lessons, programs and resources from around the world.

The Little School That Could (Test)

TLSC is a brand new K-5 micro school operating out of Timbuktu, Mali. Our curriculum combines experiential and blended learning, allowing our students to engage with their ancient surroundings through the use of modern technology.

Too Cool Micro School (Test)

TCMC is a 6-12 micro school based in Anchorage, Alaska. TCMC was designed as a haven for independent thinkers and creative whiz-kids. Our students learn in mixed-age classrooms; teachers track individual student’s progress with our newly designed app, 2Cool.