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Silicon Valley Visionaries Gather to Discuss Innovative Education and Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders

Join us for an insightful dialogue on progressive education and raising tomorrow’s leaders, while raising critical funds for UP Academy’s project based learning programs and ...
Flyfishing in Maine

Fly-fishing class catches student engagement and teacher’s passion

Nokomis Regional High School in central Maine incorporates English standards for reading, writing, speaking and listening in a fly-fishing course launched last spring.
Rural Superintendents


Rural communities have unique strengths and opportunities for innovation. Their small and close-knit nature provides fertile ground for engaging entire communities to be part of ...

Former Public School Teachers Find Happiness In Entrepreneurship

Education entrepreneurs in the Heartland and across the U.S. are finding joy in launching their own innovative learning programs and are spreading that joy to ...

Parents who switched to alternative schools amid pandemic are sticking

Parents have largely opted to continue alternative education options as public school enrollment has fallen
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Teachers increasingly turning to digital, self-created materials for lessons

Only 23% of teachers said they exclusively use printed textbooks in their classrooms, according to a survey by Bay View Analytics.
new microschools accessible cover

New Microschools Are More Accessible Than Ever

Microschools like Micah Studios make schooling alternatives possible for families that want them, while school choice programs, like New Hampshire’s tax-credit scholarship program and education ...

Why parents who moved kids to alternative schools amid pandemic are keeping them there

Distance. Cost. Curriculum. Educators. These factors and countless others are what drive American parents to choose one type of schooling for their kids over another. And once ...

Parents turn to ‘micro schooling’ over home school

As millions of students go back to school this fall, some are choosing not to return to the traditional classroom. Instead, parents are enrolling their children ...
The Rising Trend in Private Education Teeny, Tiny Schools

The Rising Trend in Private Education: Teeny, Tiny Schools

Amanda Ray’s son attended public school from prekindergarten to fifth grade. But when he qualified for West Virginia’s school voucher program for the 2023-24 school ...
For many home schoolers, parents are no longer doing the teaching

For many home-schoolers, parents are no longer doing the teaching

Parents pull around the circular driveway to drop their children off in the morning. Students climb the steps and hang their backpacks on hooks. Katy ...
rise of the microschool small student centered learning spaces take off

Rise of the microschool: Small, student-centered learning spaces take off

In the back room of a Jewish temple, the kids are running the show. It’s just after 6 p.m. on a Thursday, and the learners ...

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