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The Growth of Microschools

Have you wondered if education could look different? We all know that alternative options exist. Homeschools, charter schools, magnet schools, religious schools, language immersion schools, …

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The Rise Of Microschools

It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has upended how Americans feel about public education. Dissatisfied, angry, and often disgusted by what they discovered through at-home …

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Teachers Reflect on Leaving Classrooms to Launch Microschools Amid COVID

The pandemic has been devastating for school communities and as the quarantines and disruptions have dragged on, it’s led scores of educators at traditional schools …

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What Is a Microschool?

For parents and teachers frustrated with remote learning and school closures due to COVID-19, microschools have been an increasingly popular education alternative. But proponents say …

Why families and teachers are turning to micro schools

Why families and teachers are turning to micro schools

Micro schools are gaining popularity in the Phoenix area as families search for flexibility and teachers express overwhelming stress due to conditions brought on by …

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Study: Analyzing historical data can promote problem solving in social studies

A study published in the journal Theory & Research in Social Education, led by North Carolina State University researcher Meghan McGlinn Manfra, suggests students can …

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What are microschools? 5 questions answered

Since COVID-19, some parents in search of educational alternatives for their children have turned to microschools. Here, Barnett Berry, a research professor in education at …

5 Reasons a Micro School Provides a Better Education than Public or Charter

5 Reasons a Micro-School Provides a Better Education than Public or Charter.

If you are considering a new school for your child away from public or charter, then a private micro-school should be at the top of …

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Content Curation: Everything School Marketers Need to Know

For many school marketers, the thought of adding “content creation” to their team’s (or their own) to-do list is enough to cause a hive breakout. …

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In Pandemic’s Wake, Learning Pods and Microschools Take Root

In March, when the coronavirus shut down schools in Portland, Ore., Juliet Travis was desperate to find ways to engage her 12-year-old son. The public …

Sockeye Salmon in Freshwater Phase

Erika’s weekend picks for Oct. 10 and 11

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How public school educators built a radically innovative school

What would a school look like if it was designed, from the ground up, by the students in its classrooms? That was the question a …

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