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    MYSA Micro School

    Hi! As we start school, I’m wondering if anyone has ideas to engage new parents in the school community in a fun and/or unique way.

    The Kineo School

    I do a monthly coffee morning. We meet at a local coffee shop. Only works for parents who don’t work out have flexible hours.

    This year we have tried some low key events where parents are invited to come in for last 30 mins of the school day to join in a Valentine’s Day Party, Hot Cocoa Social, Lego Leap Day… This has been a low commitment way for people to meet other parents.

    We have also been planning weekend outings for families who can not take the time off work for that listed above. We went to a Kids Museum, are going to a Ballet and another museum this month. It is optional and has not attracted a lot of families but if they are interested they join in.

    I am hoping to host a parent ed evening this year also if we get enough interest to make it worthwhile.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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