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schools in malls

When Science Class Is in a Former Macy’s

Charter schools are popping up in struggling malls as landlords look for alternative tenants and communities seek to increase educational opportunities.

Unfulfilled Promise The Forty-Year Shift from Print to Digital and Why It Failed to Transform Learning

The shift from print to digital is the most significant change in how human beings learn since the printing press. It marked a shift from ...

Why Doesn’t Every Office Building Have A Microschool?

More businesspeople… as well as employers, are recognizing the value of small, personalized schools and similar learning spaces and are exploring ways to bring microschools ...
America’s education system is failing–but a growing school choice movement believes it has the solution

America’s education system is failing–but a growing school choice movement believes it has the solution

American students are in trouble. About a third of students in the youngest grades are behind on reading. Only 36% of fourth graders are proficient ...
Education Entrepreneurship Is Flourishing Across The US

Education Entrepreneurship Is Flourishing Across The U.S.

A former New York City public school teacher launched a microschool in Brooklyn. A retired U.S. Marine Corps officer created one in Richmond, Virginia. A ...
hyprid teacher schools students waite essay

Teachers Want to Innovate. Schools that Don’t Let Them Are Losing Out

At the end of April, I attended a conference in Atlanta featuring a small but heterogenous group of self-described education entrepreneurs. It was the second ...

Could microschools fix academic outcomes in Indianapolis for Black students?

I am sick and tired of playing defense regarding our children. I want to be on offense. It is time to be aggressive. As I ...
NEWS 2023.04.25 Microschool Abby Cavers poses with her student Keelan McCormickx1000 1 1

Tiny schools, big money: Microschools are increasingly popular among some families of children with disabilities

After Keelan McCormick was suspended five times from kindergarten in one month, his mother decided she had enough. Keelan was reading graphic novels at age ...

60 Years of Research on Small Schools

Smaller learning communities offer greater benefits in every key area of national concern as well as of concern to every parent and school leader: safety, ...
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Black Mothers and Microschools

Microschools have been around for many years, but many more people enrolled in them during the pandemic. In this conversation, I chatted with Tiffany Dudley, ...

National Microschooling Center founders illustrate how microschools are changing K-12 education

Many families reconsidered their relationships with K-12 education amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, microschools came to the fore. Instead of building large schools ...
Resized microschool students learning together

Is 2023 the year of the microschool?

With all the surprises sprung on the world over the last few years, it can be both exciting and frightening to imagine what 2023 might ...

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