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School Choice

The US is experiencing a boom in microschools.

The US is experiencing a boom in microschools. What are they?

Why Doesn’t Every Office Building Have A Microschool?

More businesspeople… as well as employers, are recognizing the value of small, personalized schools and similar learning spaces and are exploring ways to bring microschools ...
microschool diversity funding

Next Wave of Microschool Founders are More Diverse, Less Likely to be Educators

The face of microschooling is changing — from the racial diversity and professional background of its founders to how these small, nontraditional learning centers finance ...

National Microschooling Center founders illustrate how microschools are changing K-12 education

Many families reconsidered their relationships with K-12 education amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, microschools came to the fore. Instead of building large schools ...

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