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Opening a Micro School


Parish.Academy is a student-centric, comprehensive platform and support structure designed to empower the launch and management of micro-schools in Catholic Parishes.

Edupreneur Academy School Models

The current K-12 educational landscape offers exciting opportunities for edupreneurs. These model school resources provide edupreneurs actionable ideas and budgets for a variety of operational ...

Designing Microschools: Why Launching Small Learning Environments is a Big Idea

The Getting Smart team collaborates with and advocates for impact-oriented partners who are committed to doing work that accelerates the future of teaching, leading and ...

Lawful Processes of Opening and Operating a Small School

It is important to remember when considering opening a school that operating a school in the United States (or anywhere else) involves compliance with various ...

Starting a Small School 101

Starting a small school is complex, so below is a snapshot of the process to help guide you: Define your vision and mission: Clarify your ...

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